About the Author


I don’t like to toot my own horn so much, but because I have to let you know who I am I am going to let you in on some serious secrets that I hold dear to myself and only my closest friends, but because you have been so graciously attentive and have read through my classic rock list and my blogs you definitely understand me and who I am, so you can get to know me a little bit better through this about the author section.


My name is Maxwell Wallace, and I’m one of the oldest and greatest music critics that has ever lived on the face of the earth. I was there when Woodstock was a new thing and when music festivals were something that everyone was just beginning to enjoy. I toured around with band after band covering their lives through photography and then writing down my experiences in the several books that I’ve published over the years all dealing with the classic rock era and the best bands of the time.


In more recent years I have been writing about the horrifyingly new trend in popular music and how much I hate everyone in the music industry, and as you can imagine the music industry executives don’t like me very much anymore so I’m now a measly blogger who just needs to get my opinion back out there to the public just like I did earlier in my life when I was the biggest rock critic in the industry.


I’ve had tea with the Dalai Lama, but that doesn’t compare to anything like it was to trip LSD with Bob Weir and Jerry Garcia, which is a whole blog in itself, but let’s not go into too many details about the Grateful Dead, they’re just my homies from back in the day no big deal.


But the truth is I’m a credible critic who’s been around for so long and I’m not towards the end of my life and I need to write down my thoughts on the music industry in my new book that illustrates the decline of the music industry in the recent century, and how this change in the music industry has in turn changed everything else about our cultures around the globe.


I’m not here to toot my own horn and make myself seem like the Messiah for the music industry, but I certainly do know the industry as a whole and I know where we were and where we’re going and I know that it’s not going to be a good place if we don’t have people like myself who know better do something about it.


When I was touring around with the Rolling Stones one day Mick Jagger came up to me and said something that I’ll never forget. He said, “Hey, Maxy, I got something to tell you for your writings. When they think about us and what we’re doing today don’t think about all those nights when we were crying and going through the tough times, remember how our dreams came true and didn’t blow up in smoke.”
The dreams of the music industry are going up in smoke, and I’ve been watching it my whole life, but there’s just something I got to do before I rest my eyes forever, and that’s to write about my experiences and my opinions.