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Ok, we all know what this entire blog entry and website has been all about, and that is that the world as we know it today has lost its sense of style in music and that we have now needed to resort back to the past for better music, and in particular we have needed to resort back to the best classic rock bands of all time if we want to have a good time and just be us in an era when so many other musical artists are telling us that we have to be like them, when obviously that’s the furthest thing from the truth. I don’t know about any of you guys, but I sure as hell don’t want to be like Justin Bieber at any point of my life, and I most certainly don’t want to style my hair the way he does and has started widespread trends that are clearly apparent in men in the United States and most likely all over the world.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with the current stars of the music industry being role models and trend setters, because at least music can still be said to be very influential, so that’s good, but when are we going to start seeing some real bands come out of the woodworks and start being the type of role models that we all want to see in the world and start making a difference towards a better world instead of the horrifyingly gross internet oriented culture in which we live in today where people are best friends with their phones as opposed to people. It’s crazy to think that people talk more on the phone than they do in front of people, but that’s really where we are in today’s world and we’ve definitely come a long way, but still we can look back to the past to the best classic rock bands of all time to get our fix of good music in and help our minds still stay sane in a time when it’s really easy to go insane listening to popular music.

But the thing is that we’ve been doing throughout this entire website and all these entries of blogs is that we have gone back in time to the 1970s and 60s to get to our desired musical artists because that is typically the era that we think of classic rock being from, but that’s not necessarily the case and there are bands that are still wildly popular today that didn’t start in that era, but started in the 80s and got popular in the 1990s that can still today be considered classic rock, and they’re absolutely awesome. You might know where I am going with this one, and if you do then I totally commend you, because this particular article that you’re reading right now is about one of my all time favorite bands personally for myself, and that band just so happens to be called The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Now some of you may be thinking: well, I though Red Hot Chili Peppers weren’t apart of the classic rock genre, but they most certainly are. This band, although still one of the biggest rock groups in the world today, was created way back in 1983 here in Los Angeles, California, and back then they had this really different sound then what they sound like today. They kind of started the whole punk rock movement way back when the punk rock movement was just a little baby getting ready to take its first steps into the big, wide world. They also had this really unique funk sound, and of course the voice of all voices that has kept them distinct all of these years with the man I emulate very much, Mr. Anthony Kiedis.

Anthony Kiedis has this voice that is absolutely his own and if you ever hear him on the radio you know you are listening to The Red Hot Chili Peppers, but it’s not just him that makes this band such a staple in the best classic rock bands of all-time, and there’s Flea the bassist who also exemplifies what the Chili Peppers are all about. When you go to a Red Hot Chili Peppers show you’re going to be in for something outrageously fun with loud songs blasting everywhere and Kiedis being Kiedis, which is a lot like Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones. But it’s definitely safe to say that the Chili Peppers are the classic rock band that will be playing for many years to come.

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Main Stream is Junk

When we think of the world’s current music scene we all just want to take a big dump in a toilet and then stick our faces in that same toilet before flushing and throw up due to our own smells of bowel fluids and feces, that’s seriously how bad music is today. And I know that I might be one of the more extreme music critics of modern music and today’s Instagram and Facebook culture that we live in today, and I think that I have some serious motivation and a large constituency behind me, but still it’s important to take our current situation of horrible music and make sure that we make the most out of it because seriously who knows where the future of music is going in the next ten years, but if we have any recognition of where it might be going we can see that the entire industry is on a huge slippery slope for all artists, not just the less recognized artists. Maybe it’s because of Napster and the beginning of music being downloaded for free everywhere on the industry and the subsequent loss of income through record and album sales, but who knows exactly what happened but the people who are in charge of the music industry today took the wrong turn somewhere and decided to create content that was not for the faint of heart yet alone the entire youth of the whole world, and because our music is so bad today we all only have one choice if we want to listen to some really incredible music, and that’s to look to the past and the great bands that came out of last century and the classic rock genre.

The classic rock genre is by far one of the most experimental and innovating genres that the history of music has ever experienced, and way back in the day when this music was brand new it was changing the face of the earth and the way people lived their lives, which is what music is supposed to do although today it just seems to be like ambient noise that we listen to really loudly in our cars to feel badass instead of feel good about life. Why should music be negative when it can be positive and help create a positive change within the audience of that music? Even if it is one person listening to the sounds of classic rock they can be inspired, and this set of blogs is strictly dedicated to the best classic rock bands of all time, and for this particular article we are going to talk about one of the best bands of all time that a lot of people sometimes forget about: The Who.

The Who originally was not called The Who, but they were actually called The Detours, but eventually they became one of the best bands in the world when they originally formed way back in 1964 in England, and what was so cool about The Who is that they wanted to be different and stand out from everyone else and do anything that they wanted, and it just so happened that when they got really famous one of the things that they wanted to do to help set themselves apart was to destroy all of their instruments and equipment at the end of every show. The Who became famous for this and it was a staple moment for every one of their concerts, and for some odd reason it was absolutely badass beyond all comprehension, and their music honestly is some of the best music ever played.

One really interesting thing that The Who did during their career was create the first Rock Opera called Tommy and the entire album was a storyline that went from song to song and really was just an amazing experience that they then later on created into a feature film that also was a really famous movie. When we think of The Who we think of that crazy guy with the hair singing, and that man’s name is Roger Daltrey, and the guitarist behind him is Peter Townshend, and they seriously changed music forever and are definitely one of the best groups to ever play in the classic rock genre.

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The Future Rapper

Let’s be honest with ourselves as we look around at our current culture and the music that we listen to today in America during the year 2016, if we really do that an analyze our entire modern culture we might think that we actually live in a horrifyingly stupid society that isn’t getting any smarter, nor has the brain capacity or willingness to change. We seem to be going down a very slippery slope towards who knows where, only the future will decide, but hopefully the FUTURE rapper won’t be the voice of the next generation that helps guide us into our future, because for god’s sake that rapper doesn’t even have lyrics. It’s one thing for hip-hop to be hip hop and just do its thing and be cool and have fun beats and fast lyrics, but not with today’s trap scene and all these other rappers coming out of nowhere saying absolutely nothing and not contributing a lick of intelligence to any of their music it’s just sad to see, and I’m sure if we went back in time, picked up a music critic from the 1970s and brought him or her back to 2016 to show them our music scene they would hate it and think we were all a bunch of idiots for thinking our music was any good at all.

So in a nutshell what I’m trying to say is that today’s music is absolutely, one hundred percent crap, but that doesn’t mean we have to sulk and hate our lives because we can’t listen to any good music because that’s absolutely not the case at all, there is great music to be listened to all around us, we just have to go to the past to find it. Classic rock is a genre because these certain rock bands did something very monumental in the age of music and because so they are remembered forever and still today are some of the biggest tickets on tour and will sell out everywhere they go, and I wonder why? It’s not coincidence that the best classic rock bands of the 1970s are still the best bands in 2016, and that’s because the music that was created so long ago is timeless, and they knew that when they created it would live on forever and still be relevant even in the 21st century, and I don’t think we can say that about today’s artists who seem to come and go with the rise and falls of music trends and fashion. But back in the day there were bands that were timeless, that would never die out and go out of fashion, and I think the one band that exemplifies timelessness more than any other band that’s ever been a band in the history of music is The Rolling Stones.

The Rolling Stones are by far the most timeless band of all time, and just look at their name because it says it all. These guys have been a band with each other since the early 60s and still today in 2016 they are the biggest band on tour and sell out every single concert they play all over the world, and to them they’re just rolling along keeping the story and the music alive. To me, these guys are the epitome of classic rock and they have gotten their fair share of satisfaction over the years since they emerged from the United Kingdom and started making their name for themselves here in the United States.

Just think of Mick Jagger for a second and start to realize just how special of an individual he is, and if we can try to compare Mick Jagger to other front men that came after him it’s pretty easy to see that Mick was the first super star singer who was more than just a solo act like a Frank Sinatra, and he had an unbelievable cast of people behind him. Everyone knows that the Rolling Stones come out with whomever and have guests of honor and big choirs and everything you can possibly imagine, but when we think of the duo that made it all happen we think of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.

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Classic Rock

When you think of some of the best musicians of all time you have to start thinking on a broader spectrum than just the artists that have come out with popular music in recent years, especially since the turn of the century in the year 2000. Today’s music tends to be absolutely horrifyingly terrible, and I’m not just saying that to be nice, I’m actually really appalled by the type of music that young people and people in general listen to, whether it be on the radio, the internet or on all sorts of mediums that help us listen to music and helps us give in to this horrible machine of the music industry that has no intentions to slow down any form of bad content that makes people look absolutely ridiculous. Now, let’s just try to imagine someone from the 1970s looking in on the future of music that is today and seeing people twerk, do the whip and the nay nay, dab dancing and doing all these ridiculous dance moves while listening to so much electronically created music that doesn’t even require any real instruments. I think that the 1970s person that would come to the future and see what the music industry has in store for us today would maybe even cry because they would be so sad and frustrated with where the future of music was going. Today’s music is not genuine, and for the most part it is void of real emotions that speak at a deeper level within each and every one of us. Music today doesn’t have the ability to change the world like it used to back in the 1970s, and that’s really one of the main reasons why today’s music just isn’t as good as the entire genre of classic rock, and it music might not ever be as good ever again.


When I think of the classic rock genre there are quite a few bands that come into mind, and all of them are absolutely fantastic and could knock the socks out of all of the industry’s competition today and still today would be hot selling tickets that would sell out even the largest musical venues, and that’s simply because when you think of the best classic rock bands of all time you are thinking of music that is absolutely timeless in every respect for the word. This music transcends all types of boundaries, and because we are still listening to it today sometimes even 40 plus years after the recording date we can definitely understand that this music will be good forever, and I don’t think we could say the same thing about Justin Bieber or Katy Perry.


So if you are the type of person who is a rock and roll and classic rock enthusiast then you have come to the right website because all of these blogs are oriented around the whole concept of deciding who are the very best classic rock bands of all-time, and for this particular blog our emphasis will be on the British rock sensation Led Zeppelin.


Everyone knows about Led Zeppelin, although most people might not really know what their name actually means, or that the group originally started out calling themselves The New Yardbirds before switching over to a deal with Atlantic Records and then calling themselves the name that would stick in rock history for decades on end, and possibly till the end of time. And the reason why Led Zeepelin will be rememberd until the end of time is because their lyrics had so much esoteric knowledge and meaning behind them, and they would talk about things like the end of times and deep, mythological stories that would captivate an entire audience, not to mention the sounds they could create.


When we think of Led Zeppelin we might all start to think of Jimmy Page, because after it is Jimmy Page who is probably the biggest star of the group and is known to be one of the greatest guitarists of all time, but you can’t forget Robert Plant, the voice that captivated an entire generation and changed the game of music forever with high, shrieking screams and energy that can only be summed up with two words: Led Zeppelin.







The Top of the Charts

Led_Zeppelin_acoustic_1973 As most of the bigger music enthusiasts have come to know through the horrible influx of music that perpetuates our culture in 2016 there is some serious problems with modern, popular music; and if we really want to listen to some good music we need to look back to the past and listen to some of the classics to really get a good sense of what music is all about. Classic rock is a genre that has completely changed the face of music forever, and still today it is one of the most popular and widely distributed forms of music and it is much more than a genre to most music enthusiasts. The 1960s and 70s were a time in which some of the best musicians the world has ever known came out into the public sphere, and this blog is dedicated to the very best of that time period going back and dissecting some of the best classic rock bands of all-time.

It’s important to know that not every great classic rock band will make this prestigious list, but for those that do make it into the pages of this blog you’ll know that they are the most influential of all the classic rock bands to ever grace the world with their musical abilities. We can go so many different directions right now with our next band that we’d like to choose for the list, but we have to be smart and make sure we get the very best of the best, and when it comes to the very best of the best in classic rock you have to consider the band that is still around today and is still the biggest and most profitable band on tour: The Grateful Dead.

rolling stones

The Grateful Dead are known for a ton of different advancements within rock and roll including a ton of different improvisation methods and extremely long jams and concerts which has helped create an entire new genre of rock and roll that is still popular in today’s times called jam bands. But when we think of the Grateful Dead a lot of us think of things maybe other than the music, and that’s part of what makes the Grateful Dead so cool and it’s that they made so much money off of merchandise, tapestries, T-Shirts and a whole entire brand of art that complimented their music. But because they were able to captivate so many different people’s imagination and create an entire community of people who come together for their music you can definitely say that the Grateful Dead were much more than just a rock and roll band, they were icons of a generation and they defined their time through their fans and the use of LSD and other hallucinogens at their concerts.

The Grateful Dead actually started out as being called The Warlocks, but in the mid 1960s they met up with a young Bob Weir and soon enough they were playing as the Grateful Dead in the famous Haight and Ashbury scenes of the psychedelic movements in San Francisco. The Grateful Dead can be known as one of the great bands to come out of San Francisco, and with a lead man like Jerry Garcia they were meant for greatness right from the get go, and that’s because Jerry Garcia is now known to be one of the greatest rock and roll icons of his generation, and he was by far the most famous of all the people in the Grateful Dead.

Of course the Grateful Dead went on to have decades of success and created songs that legitimately changed the world. Their lyricist named Robert Hunter, who is not as recognized as he probably should be, created some of the best written songs in the genre’s history, and these songs helped start an entire cultural revolution towards free love, peace, equality and change in a time when America and the world was fighting with Civil Rights, the Cold War and racism of all kinds.

That’s part of what makes the Grateful Dead so much more than a rock band, and that’s because they provided a home and a real family for thousands if not millions of people from all over the world, and to me, that’s the most special thing that any band could ever accomplish, and still today the Grateful Dead is the most popular band in America.

The Beatles

Beatles_ad_1965_just_the_beatles_crop The_Beatles_and_Lill-Babs_1963

Classic Rock Bands of All-Time

Everyone knows that when it comes to the best musicians and the best bands that have ever graced the earth with music you have to look to the past, and it’s not to say that Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga are horrendously horrible musicians, because they are sometimes OK, but let’s be honest, popular music in the 21st century doesn’t even come anywhere close to the type of music that was playing in the late sixties and throughout the 1970s. That was the era of classic rock, and as we all know very well classic rock was a time period in which some of the most influential musicians were around, and still to this very day in 2016 many classic rock songs are wildly powerful and have entered the realm of timelessness.

Having said that classic rock is one of the best genres of all music in the history of music and that electric guitar, bass guitar, drums and piano, or real instruments in general are the means of creating great music there still are so many different genres within the genre of classic rock, so it’s important for us to distinguish these differences between different groups and their styles, because for the most part every classic rock band was unique in their own very specific ways, but that’s just what makes classic rock so special of an era.

There are so many different names and groups that we will discuss throughout the entirety of this blog, and it’s important to realize that a lot of different bands that should deserve to be on this list of best classic rock bands of all-time might not make the list, but of course when you make a list of this magnitude the stakes are high and not everyone is selected. This only makes sense because we are after all narrowing down the most important bands of an entire era of time over two decades when music was thriving more than ever.

The first band that we are going to talk about in this particular article is arguably the best rock and roll band to ever grace the earth, and that is The Beatles.

The Beatles are a group that changed everything that we know when it comes to rock and roll, and they emerged during a time when music was in a shifting mode from the Elvis Presley years of the 1950s, and when they started playing and doing their thing it was a really remarkable revelation for the entire world to witness a new style of music that no one had ever heard before, and they were just some punk kids from Liverpool.

It seems like The Beatles came out of nowhere because for a lot of people they really did just pop up on the Ed Sullivan show one night and stole every young girl’s heart right out of their chests, and it was a beautiful moment for not only the United Kingdom and the United States, but the entire world. The band consists of the great John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Star. These four kids from Liverpool didn’t know it at the time when they first arrived to the United States, but years later they would change the entire music industry and be known as the most influential rock artists of all-time.

When they first got started the Beatles were very much a teen bop kind of band that appealed to young girls with songs like We Can Work it Out and Help! At first we didn’t know what to think of The Beatles as a general public because they just seemed like they would be this type of band that was just singing about love and peace, but eventually they evolved into much more complex lyrics and songs that really made a huge difference on the entire world.

When we think of albums like Abbey Road and The White Album we can hear some of the most influential songs to ever be recorded, and it was much more than music that makes the Beatles one of the best classic rock bands of all time.

They made an effort to make legitimate change in the world and they did a great job at raising money and awareness for the causes that they thought were important and could change the world for the better.