Classic Rock

When you think of some of the best musicians of all time you have to start thinking on a broader spectrum than just the artists that have come out with popular music in recent years, especially since the turn of the century in the year 2000. Today’s music tends to be absolutely horrifyingly terrible, and I’m not just saying that to be nice, I’m actually really appalled by the type of music that young people and people in general listen to, whether it be on the radio, the internet or on all sorts of mediums that help us listen to music and helps us give in to this horrible machine of the music industry that has no intentions to slow down any form of bad content that makes people look absolutely ridiculous. Now, let’s just try to imagine someone from the 1970s looking in on the future of music that is today and seeing people twerk, do the whip and the nay nay, dab dancing and doing all these ridiculous dance moves while listening to so much electronically created music that doesn’t even require any real instruments. I think that the 1970s person that would come to the future and see what the music industry has in store for us today would maybe even cry because they would be so sad and frustrated with where the future of music was going. Today’s music is not genuine, and for the most part it is void of real emotions that speak at a deeper level within each and every one of us. Music today doesn’t have the ability to change the world like it used to back in the 1970s, and that’s really one of the main reasons why today’s music just isn’t as good as the entire genre of classic rock, and it music might not ever be as good ever again.


When I think of the classic rock genre there are quite a few bands that come into mind, and all of them are absolutely fantastic and could knock the socks out of all of the industry’s competition today and still today would be hot selling tickets that would sell out even the largest musical venues, and that’s simply because when you think of the best classic rock bands of all time you are thinking of music that is absolutely timeless in every respect for the word. This music transcends all types of boundaries, and because we are still listening to it today sometimes even 40 plus years after the recording date we can definitely understand that this music will be good forever, and I don’t think we could say the same thing about Justin Bieber or Katy Perry.


So if you are the type of person who is a rock and roll and classic rock enthusiast then you have come to the right website because all of these blogs are oriented around the whole concept of deciding who are the very best classic rock bands of all-time, and for this particular blog our emphasis will be on the British rock sensation Led Zeppelin.


Everyone knows about Led Zeppelin, although most people might not really know what their name actually means, or that the group originally started out calling themselves The New Yardbirds before switching over to a deal with Atlantic Records and then calling themselves the name that would stick in rock history for decades on end, and possibly till the end of time. And the reason why Led Zeepelin will be rememberd until the end of time is because their lyrics had so much esoteric knowledge and meaning behind them, and they would talk about things like the end of times and deep, mythological stories that would captivate an entire audience, not to mention the sounds they could create.


When we think of Led Zeppelin we might all start to think of Jimmy Page, because after it is Jimmy Page who is probably the biggest star of the group and is known to be one of the greatest guitarists of all time, but you can’t forget Robert Plant, the voice that captivated an entire generation and changed the game of music forever with high, shrieking screams and energy that can only be summed up with two words: Led Zeppelin.