Main Stream is Junk

When we think of the world’s current music scene we all just want to take a big dump in a toilet and then stick our faces in that same toilet before flushing and throw up due to our own smells of bowel fluids and feces, that’s seriously how bad music is today. And I know that I might be one of the more extreme music critics of modern music and today’s Instagram and Facebook culture that we live in today, and I think that I have some serious motivation and a large constituency behind me, but still it’s important to take our current situation of horrible music and make sure that we make the most out of it because seriously who knows where the future of music is going in the next ten years, but if we have any recognition of where it might be going we can see that the entire industry is on a huge slippery slope for all artists, not just the less recognized artists. Maybe it’s because of Napster and the beginning of music being downloaded for free everywhere on the industry and the subsequent loss of income through record and album sales, but who knows exactly what happened but the people who are in charge of the music industry today took the wrong turn somewhere and decided to create content that was not for the faint of heart yet alone the entire youth of the whole world, and because our music is so bad today we all only have one choice if we want to listen to some really incredible music, and that’s to look to the past and the great bands that came out of last century and the classic rock genre.

The classic rock genre is by far one of the most experimental and innovating genres that the history of music has ever experienced, and way back in the day when this music was brand new it was changing the face of the earth and the way people lived their lives, which is what music is supposed to do although today it just seems to be like ambient noise that we listen to really loudly in our cars to feel badass instead of feel good about life. Why should music be negative when it can be positive and help create a positive change within the audience of that music? Even if it is one person listening to the sounds of classic rock they can be inspired, and this set of blogs is strictly dedicated to the best classic rock bands of all time, and for this particular article we are going to talk about one of the best bands of all time that a lot of people sometimes forget about: The Who.

The Who originally was not called The Who, but they were actually called The Detours, but eventually they became one of the best bands in the world when they originally formed way back in 1964 in England, and what was so cool about The Who is that they wanted to be different and stand out from everyone else and do anything that they wanted, and it just so happened that when they got really famous one of the things that they wanted to do to help set themselves apart was to destroy all of their instruments and equipment at the end of every show. The Who became famous for this and it was a staple moment for every one of their concerts, and for some odd reason it was absolutely badass beyond all comprehension, and their music honestly is some of the best music ever played.

One really interesting thing that The Who did during their career was create the first Rock Opera called Tommy and the entire album was a storyline that went from song to song and really was just an amazing experience that they then later on created into a feature film that also was a really famous movie. When we think of The Who we think of that crazy guy with the hair singing, and that man’s name is Roger Daltrey, and the guitarist behind him is Peter Townshend, and they seriously changed music forever and are definitely one of the best groups to ever play in the classic rock genre.

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