The Future Rapper

Let’s be honest with ourselves as we look around at our current culture and the music that we listen to today in America during the year 2016, if we really do that an analyze our entire modern culture we might think that we actually live in a horrifyingly stupid society that isn’t getting any smarter, nor has the brain capacity or willingness to change. We seem to be going down a very slippery slope towards who knows where, only the future will decide, but hopefully the FUTURE rapper won’t be the voice of the next generation that helps guide us into our future, because for god’s sake that rapper doesn’t even have lyrics. It’s one thing for hip-hop to be hip hop and just do its thing and be cool and have fun beats and fast lyrics, but not with today’s trap scene and all these other rappers coming out of nowhere saying absolutely nothing and not contributing a lick of intelligence to any of their music it’s just sad to see, and I’m sure if we went back in time, picked up a music critic from the 1970s and brought him or her back to 2016 to show them our music scene they would hate it and think we were all a bunch of idiots for thinking our music was any good at all.

So in a nutshell what I’m trying to say is that today’s music is absolutely, one hundred percent crap, but that doesn’t mean we have to sulk and hate our lives because we can’t listen to any good music because that’s absolutely not the case at all, there is great music to be listened to all around us, we just have to go to the past to find it. Classic rock is a genre because these certain rock bands did something very monumental in the age of music and because so they are remembered forever and still today are some of the biggest tickets on tour and will sell out everywhere they go, and I wonder why? It’s not coincidence that the best classic rock bands of the 1970s are still the best bands in 2016, and that’s because the music that was created so long ago is timeless, and they knew that when they created it would live on forever and still be relevant even in the 21st century, and I don’t think we can say that about today’s artists who seem to come and go with the rise and falls of music trends and fashion. But back in the day there were bands that were timeless, that would never die out and go out of fashion, and I think the one band that exemplifies timelessness more than any other band that’s ever been a band in the history of music is The Rolling Stones.

The Rolling Stones are by far the most timeless band of all time, and just look at their name because it says it all. These guys have been a band with each other since the early 60s and still today in 2016 they are the biggest band on tour and sell out every single concert they play all over the world, and to them they’re just rolling along keeping the story and the music alive. To me, these guys are the epitome of classic rock and they have gotten their fair share of satisfaction over the years since they emerged from the United Kingdom and started making their name for themselves here in the United States.

Just think of Mick Jagger for a second and start to realize just how special of an individual he is, and if we can try to compare Mick Jagger to other front men that came after him it’s pretty easy to see that Mick was the first super star singer who was more than just a solo act like a Frank Sinatra, and he had an unbelievable cast of people behind him. Everyone knows that the Rolling Stones come out with whomever and have guests of honor and big choirs and everything you can possibly imagine, but when we think of the duo that made it all happen we think of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.

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