The Top of the Charts

Led_Zeppelin_acoustic_1973 As most of the bigger music enthusiasts have come to know through the horrible influx of music that perpetuates our culture in 2016 there is some serious problems with modern, popular music; and if we really want to listen to some good music we need to look back to the past and listen to some of the classics to really get a good sense of what music is all about. Classic rock is a genre that has completely changed the face of music forever, and still today it is one of the most popular and widely distributed forms of music and it is much more than a genre to most music enthusiasts. The 1960s and 70s were a time in which some of the best musicians the world has ever known came out into the public sphere, and this blog is dedicated to the very best of that time period going back and dissecting some of the best classic rock bands of all-time.

It’s important to know that not every great classic rock band will make this prestigious list, but for those that do make it into the pages of this blog you’ll know that they are the most influential of all the classic rock bands to ever grace the world with their musical abilities. We can go so many different directions right now with our next band that we’d like to choose for the list, but we have to be smart and make sure we get the very best of the best, and when it comes to the very best of the best in classic rock you have to consider the band that is still around today and is still the biggest and most profitable band on tour: The Grateful Dead.

rolling stones

The Grateful Dead are known for a ton of different advancements within rock and roll including a ton of different improvisation methods and extremely long jams and concerts which has helped create an entire new genre of rock and roll that is still popular in today’s times called jam bands. But when we think of the Grateful Dead a lot of us think of things maybe other than the music, and that’s part of what makes the Grateful Dead so cool and it’s that they made so much money off of merchandise, tapestries, T-Shirts and a whole entire brand of art that complimented their music. But because they were able to captivate so many different people’s imagination and create an entire community of people who come together for their music you can definitely say that the Grateful Dead were much more than just a rock and roll band, they were icons of a generation and they defined their time through their fans and the use of LSD and other hallucinogens at their concerts.

The Grateful Dead actually started out as being called The Warlocks, but in the mid 1960s they met up with a young Bob Weir and soon enough they were playing as the Grateful Dead in the famous Haight and Ashbury scenes of the psychedelic movements in San Francisco. The Grateful Dead can be known as one of the great bands to come out of San Francisco, and with a lead man like Jerry Garcia they were meant for greatness right from the get go, and that’s because Jerry Garcia is now known to be one of the greatest rock and roll icons of his generation, and he was by far the most famous of all the people in the Grateful Dead.

Of course the Grateful Dead went on to have decades of success and created songs that legitimately changed the world. Their lyricist named Robert Hunter, who is not as recognized as he probably should be, created some of the best written songs in the genre’s history, and these songs helped start an entire cultural revolution towards free love, peace, equality and change in a time when America and the world was fighting with Civil Rights, the Cold War and racism of all kinds.

That’s part of what makes the Grateful Dead so much more than a rock band, and that’s because they provided a home and a real family for thousands if not millions of people from all over the world, and to me, that’s the most special thing that any band could ever accomplish, and still today the Grateful Dead is the most popular band in America.